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GDPR - Vivid Ireland Photography

GDPR comes into force on 25th May 2018 in the United Kingdom

Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland Photography
GDPR applies to organizations in the EU, that process the personal data of EU data subjects in connection to the purchase of goods / services within the EU.
The monitoring of behavior that takes place within the EU including Personal data and its information relating to an Natural Person.
Vivid Ireland Photography will only collect data that is freely given through this website and does not keep records of customers credit, debit, visa, email details.

Where permission is given by a customer through our online website we will only use this information to provide the required service to that said customer.

Where permission is granted by a customer data would only be used to contact that said person through email for the purpose of finalizing any contract between
Vivid Ireland Photography ( Mark Ireland ) and the said customer concerned.

Where no permission is given Vivid Ireland Photography cannot be liable to complete an online transaction but may be available to take details via telephone or through
direct email.

Vivid Ireland Photography use Google Analytics to visualize web-stats for visiting online users of its website using Google services associated with ISP address tracking
which are regulated through as a way of checking site demographics of users, views or pages to provide safer services to all of Vivid Ireland Photography
users and its online customers.

Vivid Ireland Photography will comply with customers where required by law if asked to delete or completely remove said customer data that it may be provided with or have
been retained for the purpose of fulfilling any necessary services through business transactions.

The United Kingdom is leaving the EU but GDPR will still apply until, after Brexit until this will be called The Great Repeal Bill,
The EU laws will then need to be amended inline with Britain's requirement of being outside the European Union.
Until this Vivid Ireland Photography offer its services to the United Kingdom and the United States of America but member states within the EU cannot be included after we leave the European Union.

Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland Photography
First Dated 05.05.2018